​Scene Director LLC is an all around media company owned and operated by Director Jason Baker. Scene Director provides top quality services for a wide range of media productions including video production, photography, and graphic design. We are experienced with working on projects of every caliber from grand scale to small budget and everything in-between. 

Working directly with some of the leaders and pioneers in video production along with some of the most sophisticated equipment and top quality studios in the motion picture industry. Working with and around the top professionals in the industry keeps my skills and knowledge of media production in a constant state of evolution. From music videos for some of the biggest celebrities to major productions for some of the largest corporations, I work around it all. 

I always take pride in all of my work no matter how large or small the project may be. I strongly believe in "word of mouth" advertising, which only comes from making your clients happy to the point of not only repeat business, but highly recommending them to others as well.  

 I have written concepts, scripts, narrations, scouted locations, directed, filmed, & edited multiple music video's, TV commercials, infomercials, TV/Web series segments, interviews, live events, and worked on a multitude of other productions as well. I have worked on projects that are seen globally and aired on some of the largest networks on television and the web. 

If you're looking for skilled professionals with expert experience to work on your project don't hesitate give me a call or email anytime!

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.     ~ Jason Baker